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Making Tassels Vol. 2: Advanced Techniques (DVD)
Code MT24305
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  • Description

    A step-by-step guide to a variety of traditional passementerie techniques for creating multi element tassels.

    • Eye level cameras
    • Selectable menus
    • Clear & precise narration
    • Smart editing to avoid repetition
    • Includes a Turk's head and chevron knot grids
    • Available in PAL or NTSC
    • Running time approx 240 mins - 2 disc set
    • Part of the Making Passementerie series of instructional dvds

    Tassel making is one of the mainstays of passementerie. This dvd will guide you through the methods of making and decorating multi-element tassels. A variety of techniques are clearly shown such as making wired skirts, ruffs and satin wrapping tassel moulds. Also shown are a number of traditional decorative including embroidery, knots, jasmines and so much more.

    Create tie backs & trimmings, embellishments for the home, fashion & other crafts - a beautiful tassel provides the perfect finish to any project!

    Learn decorative techniques such as barre, snailing, limace spirale, damier & chevrons, point de Milan & Spanish hitching. Includes warping, binding, working advanced turk's head knots, making ruffs, skirts, parchment rosettes, embroidery, beading and more. Each step is clear and easy to follow - select from simple, structured menus.

    ISBN: 978-0-9573243-0-5 (PAL)

    Techniques included on this DVD: preparing warps - cord twisting - gimp thread thread & wire - binding - parchment wrapping- covering tassel moulds - making wired, crocheted and sewn skirts - putting it all together: including strengthening, adding cords and other elements - Head decorations: striping - barre - basketweave (limace damier) - sprial (limace spirale) - chevron (limace chevrons) - free embroidery - snailing - turk's head knots - chevron knot (point de Milan) - grappe (4 variations) - rolled bead - brick stitch beading - net beading - Spanish hitching- Skirt decorations: Skirt with two warps - two layered skirts - looped skirt - braided overskirt (natte ) - macrame net - jasmine drops - wire loops and coils - pompom strings(boulot) - beaded fringe - Neck decorations: Decorative binding - decorative stitching - looped ruff - cut ruff - stand alone ruff - wire rosette - wired pompom - hairpin pompom - parchment rosette - covered buttons - trefoil knot.

    What others have said (from the Create & Craft website)

    "Very clear, easy to follow instructions. "Live" demonstrations make the tassels easier to make. Good variety of tassel types."

    "These DVD's are, I was going to say one of the best, but they are actually the BEST I have ever used! The instructions are so easy as the "film" is taken from the users eye view (as if the camera is strapped to Ginas head!) she does everything slowly so you can work along with her, and stop the DVD whenever you need to. The products are fabulous, These DVD's are well worth the money. I think I shall have many happy hours making everything on the DVD's and more! A great buy."

    "Like all of Gina's DVD's it is like having a teacher in the room. The DVD's are packed with techniques, and all of it simple to follow. Excellent content, excellent value!"