About Us

Gina-B Silkworks designs & produces a variety of craft kits, books, DVDs & other items with an emphasis on hand textiles and passementerie (textile trimmings). The aim is to encourage and promote many of these almost lost arts, such as button and tassel making, braids, lace making, embroidery, narrow weaving, and other associated crafts. Gina Barrett can often be seen on the Create & Craft channel, and our products can be found in many good craft & needlework shops around the world.

"Traditional Crafts for the modern maker"

About Gina -

Gina Barrett has been making reconstructions of buttons, dress trimmings and other passementerie for museums and costumiers since 1999. Her work can be seen in a variety of museums, heritage sites & stately homes including the Royal Mews, the Royal Armouries, Historic Royal Palaces, Chicago Museum of Art, The Victoria & Albert Museum, English Heritage and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. 

She has provided buttons, ribbons and braid for an award-winning project at Perth Museum, and hundreds of buttons for the films "Napoleon" & “Sweeney Todd”. She has created buttons & trimmings for various series including “The Crown”, “Becoming Elizabeth” , “A Stitch in Time” as well as a few films yet to be released!

As an avid collector of antique & vintage textile buttons, Gina continues to research and to write about both old techniques and newly developed ones. 

She has undertaken two “One Button a Day” challenges to date (2016 & 2020) - making and sharing across social media a new handmade button every day. (onebuttonaday.co.uk)

You can view Gina's bespoke website here - www.gina-b.co.uk