Fruitti is a 12wt, 3ply Egyptian cotton thread, double gassed and mercerized with very low lint. 

The range 
It is comparable in size to a No 12 perle, though with a different appearance.

Use Fruitti for hand and machine quilting and embroidery, sergers, sashico, red work, needlework, upholstery, leather work, decorative stitching, hand work, and other crafts.

It works really well for buttons - especially Victorian needlework designs. It can be used for micro crochet - again, perfect for buttons. The tight twist also makes it great for needle laces, and it is excellent for your journal stitching too.

Recommended needle sizes -
Machine: 90/14, 100/16 topstitch, Longarm - 18
Hand: #7 embroidery

For machine embroidery, use designs digitized for 12wt threads
For hand sewing use a cut length equal to no more than fingertip to elbow

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