Button Maker's Third Hand & Tool Tin
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  • Description

    No need to struggle when button making! The rotating clip can hold your button while you thread a needle or work a stitched design. The clip has a strong magnetic base - pop it onto the tin and create a little button making workspace anywhere!

    Inspired by a foot operated button holding tool traditionally used in Austria when decorating ring buttons, this clip will come in handy for a variety of button making tasks - even if only holding the button you are working on while you thread your needle. Keep it in the handy tin along with your other button making tools, and you can make buttons on the go!

    Included are four button pins - specially designed pins with a little 'hump' on one side to allow you to have removable buttons - great for showing off your creations.

    The button measure is a handy laminated guide with an inch ruler along one edge, and metric the other, and along the short edge a 'Line' measure. Lines (or lignes) are the traditional measurement used for buttons, and still referred to today by tailors and seamstresses.

    The tin also contains a selection of handy items for use in button making, such as empty bobbins for thread and beeswax, and there's plenty of room for your own favourite tools.


    • The magnetic clip has a ball joint allowing it to rotate making it perfect for holding buttons and other small items.
    • The clip can be used on the tin for a 'take-anywhere' button making kit
    • Hold ring buttons while working additional embellishments such as French knots and stitching
    • Hold wrapped buttons while threading a needle to stop the threads from slipping
    • Use with the large pin or t-pin to hold thread buttons while wrapping, or knot and ball buttons while embellishing
    • Button Measure is not only a handy ruler, it also contains a button line measure - the traditional measurement of buttons
    • Button pins mean that you can make fancy buttons and easily remove them when the garment requires washing


    Magnetic rotating clip, Button Measure, Button Pins, Long Pin, T-Pin, Felt Pincushion, Tapestry Needle, Plastic Needle, Beeswax Button, Plastic Bobbins, Storage Tin